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  • 1976 - Scene Publications

    Scene Publications had been producing the monthly entertainment magazine

    “Scene Magazine” for a number of years covering a wide area of north west

    England, a "what’s on" for a variety of clubs and other entertainment venues.

    Space was also set aside for advertising other local businesses in the region.

  • 1977 - Scene Print & Design Limited

    Scene Print & Design Limited was formed to take advantage of the connection with the entertainment industry, producing design and print for various promoters of theatre, agents, artists and events.


    Scene Magazine continued to grow with more clubs and venues taking up advertising, making it an even more popular publication with both the public and the entertainment business.

  • 1979 - Relocation

    Relocated to Leigh to offices in the same building as the printers of Scene Magazine, working closely together and becoming their design and reprographic department whilst at the same time remaining independent. We continued to produce our magazine, worked with existing clients, and developed our customer base.

  • 1984 - Expansion

    Continued expansion of the design and print becoming involved in designing and producing artwork for

    various football and rugby programmes for printer companies. This was all done the old way using

    cow gum and scapula to paste up the typesetting, making copy proofs, film and plates.


    Scene Magazine continued to be produced and published under a new company

    Scene Enterprises run by one our former directors.

  • 1988 - Purchased Our First Apple Macintosh Computer

    Scene purchased it's first Apple Macintosh II computer along with a 19" Radius black and white screen, Microtek grayscale scanner, The digital age had arrived changing the way we produced design and

    print forever. The progress and development of Apple Macintosh would lead us into areas that

    had been out or reach enabling us produce the complete job from the initial design through

    to the finished artwork ready for output from our desktop computer.

  • 1995 - Consolidation

    By now, Scene Print and Design was working with a growing number of corporate clients - United Utilities, Royal Mail, LCCC to name but three. It had been necessary to expand the workforce to accommodate the increased workload.


    Scene continued to keep abreast of the changes in technology with more investment in Apple computer hardware and associated software, taking advantage of being able to produce colour scanning from the desktop. Our involvement in design and print continued to develop and grow, producing corporate identity logos, brochures, leaflets, posters and advertising material for a number of small and large companies throughout the North West.

  • 1999 - Internet & Investment

    Scene 2 was created to take a leap into the new technology creating and designing websites for the

    internet. Utilising our knowledge and experience of graphic design, we set about designing websites

    that did not have the usual constraints giving a overall designer look to the web pages that matched

    the clients printed and corporate media.

  • 2000 - Complete in-house production

    Scenegraphics continued to create design and artwork for existing and new clients' building an established customer base, along with our trade associates producing the printing plates required for the various printing presses. This led us operate an in house B2 Katana imagesetter and Crescendo PDF proofing system outputting imposed film for plate production on behalf of the print company with whom we had developed a close working relationship, becoming their design studio looking after their clients' design and artwork requirements and also, outputting files from customers who had generated their own artwork files.

  • 2007 - To present

    Scene Print & Design relocated to its Standish studio. The business continues to look to utilise the

    latest technology so that, when it is allied to our skills and long experience, the quality of output

    can always be as high as possible.


    Scene 2, in conjunction with associate companies, is increasingly involved in the design and

    production of websites, becoming a one-stop shop for site development and hosting,

    domain registration, and social media management.

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